Company Registration in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

singapore company register

Box; all your statutory documents should be kept at this address. Designed for foreign entrepreneurs and foreign companies, this package covers all services that are necessary to incorporate and start a new Singapore company. Once the incorporation documents are ready and signed, we will register the company with Singapore’s company registrar, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

singapore company register

How Can InCorp Help You Start a Company in Singapore?

  1. To issue shares beyond this amount requires shareholder approval through an ordinary resolution.
  2. Singapore is a fantastic place to incorporate a company — but starting a business can be tricky.
  3. If you don’t want an office space or aren’t resident in Singapore, your nominee director’s address can be submitted.
  4. Within one month of the AGM, companies must file an Annual Return with ACRA.

Investors are more likely to buy shares from a company where there is a separation between business assets and personal assets. Banks in Singapore also prefer to lend money to limited companies than any of the other business structures. Factors influencing the exact duration include the type of business entity you’re registering and whether all required documents are readily available. Overall, the efficiency of the Singapore company registration process is a testament to its commitment to fostering a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. Our Foreigner Incorporation Package designed for foreign entrepreneurs and foreign companies is the most popular option. The cost of the first-year service bundle is S$3,100, inclusive of official government fees.

How to Register a Company in Singapore in 3 Steps

This positive image can boost your relationships with customers, suppliers, and investors while opening doors to new business partnerships. You could even score up to 70% off your yearly accounting fees if you’re eligible. If you’re not Singaporean and you want a hassle-free experience, you might want to consider hiring a professional company secretary.. We’ll also ensure you know important deadlines throughout your financial year.

What is required to incorporate a company in Singapore?

Transfer of shares in a private limited Singapore company can be challenging. Our experienced company secretarial services can handle the task efficiently. Reliable registered filing agents advise their clients to be physically present in Singapore to set up their company. The banks also demand your presence at the time of opening of corporate bank account for your new company. So if you need a permit or license for your business, apply to and acquire it from the proper authorities before commencing your business activities. If required, ask for advice from your provider of services for company incorporation or visit the business license portal.

singapore company register

singapore company register

Like the other partnerships, LLP requires at least two partners at all times during the business is in operation. A general partnership is formed by a minimum of 2 persons and a max of 20 persons. Partners pay their tax as personal income tax based on the share of income from their partnership. After the name is approved and the documents are prepared, a new company can register officially with ACRA. Given the various administrative steps provided, it would be prudent for companies to seek a professional corporate service provider’s help when incorporating a company. Hence, the setting up of the company’s corporate bank account can be done at a later stage, post-incorporation.

Complete registration on BizFile+

The corporate tax return must be filed by November 30 the following year. The EP is for foreign professionals, managers, executives, and specialists. Candidates must have acceptable qualifications, earn at least 5,000 SGD per month (all sectors except financial services) and at least 5,500 SGD monthly for financial services. The S pass is for mid-level skilled foreigners like technicians. Candidates must have qualifications and earn at least 3,000 SGD monthly (for renewals) and 3,150 SGD for new applications.

You may keep your company’s RORC at your registered office address or at the office of your authorised corporate service provider. All the stakeholders in your company like directors, shareholders, and company secretary have 120 days from the data of name approval to login in BizFile+ and give their consent online. You need to access BizFile+ portal to apply for company registration online.

They liaison with the authorities and world outside of the company and enables its managers to work without distraction. You can buy the Business Profile of the company by paying S$5.50 online. You can also buy its Business Profile with Certificate of Production by paying S$16.50 online.

To be eligible for the fee waiver, please login to BizFile+ and purchase these registers from ACRA iShop. A free copy of Business Profile for your business will be emailed to the person filing the application. Log in with your Singpass and use Guided Journey to register your Sole Proprietorship/Partnership through step-by-step guidance.If you do this, you do not need to apply on ACRA’s BizFile+.

The liability of a sole proprietor and members in an LLP is unlimited. The liability of shareholders in a private limited company is limited to their investment in its shares. Rather than setting up a company in Singapore in a hurry and starting your business activity, identify the most suitable business structure.

It also involves more work to wind up a company – it can take 5 months for the company to be removed from the register. A company is a legal entity, dividends: assets or liabilities separate and distinct from its shareholders and directors. In Singapore, there are 2 main types of companies – public and private companies.

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